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Prof. Ruediger Baumeister

Prof. Baumeister is an expert in the field of lymphology. In 1980, he was the first person to perform lymphatic grafting worldwide. He is vice president of the European Society of Lymphology and the President of the Society of German Lymphologists.


Prof. Baumeister studied medicine in Munich and also passing the American ECFMG exam. He was trained and became appointed in common surgery and trauma, vascular and plastic surgery as well.

He developed within in the Instute for Surgical Research experimentally the grafting of lymphatic vessels and wrote his inaugural dissertation in this field. He perfomed the first lymphatic grafting worldwide in 1980.

In 1985 he was appointed as Prof. of Surgery at the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich with the concentration on micro- and reconstructive surgery.

He was head of the division of plastic- hand- and micros surgery at the Department of Surgery of the university until 2010.

Since 2011 he is consultant in lymphology at the Chirurgische Klinik Muenchen Bogenhausen in Munich.

Prof. Baumeister was elected as president of the International Society of Lymphology and the German Speaking Society of Microsurgeons. He is vice president of the European Society of Lymphology and the President of the Society of German Lymphologists.

He is also an author of multiple scientific books and articles especially in the field of lymphology.

Recent Publications

Ruediger G.H. Baumeister, Springer Cham, 2017

This book represents an up-to-date overview of reconstructive lymphovascular surgery, with coverage of all aspects from the bench to the bedside. After careful consideration of the pathophysiological and experimental basis for the described procedures, concise guidance is provided in the treatment of various conditions. Surgical technique is explained for the important indication of lymphedema of the upper and lower limbs due to localized blockage of the lymphatic system.

Dahlbäck, Baumeister R, Aberg M, Arnljots B, Frost Arner L, Brorson H, 2021

A 52-year-old male patient developed a chronic fistula with excessive lymph leakage in the left axilla following removal of an enlarged lymph node with chronic local adipose tissue inflammation due to infection. After multiple surgeries, treatment with lymphatic vessel transplantation was successful. No recurrence occurred over 20 years of follow-up.

Baumeister R., Frick A., Handchir Mikrochir Plast Chir 2003; 35(4): 202-209 

Mit fortgeschrittener mikrochirurgischer Technik lassen sich auch einzelne Lymphgefäße sicher anastomosieren und Lymphbahnsegmente zur Überbrückung lymphatischer Blockierungen, zumeist nach Lymphadenektomien, einsetzen.

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